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We will work closely with you to minimize your inconvenience and maximize your satisfaction

Our Services

Having an auto accident can be stressful enough. Our automotive collision center is here to assist you, let you know your options and answer questions you may have throughout the repair.

At Suburban Autoworks, we take the time to work with our customers on a personal and friendly level. We understand having your car repaired can be a huge inconvenience. We’ll do our best to make your experience as pleasant as possible.

Suburban Autoworks, Inc. is a claims center approved by all insurance companies. In dealing with the insurance company we represent the best interest of the customer at all times.

Your insurance company wants your vehicle to be properly repaired and for you to be completely satisfied with their claims repair. You have specific rights and obligations that you should be aware of…

  • Review your policy and know your rights.
  • You are not required by law to get more than one estimate.
  • You may have the shop of your choice make the repairs.
  • You are not required to use a shop selected by a claims adjuster or insurance company. However, you are required by your policy to allow your insurance company a reasonable amount of time to inspect the damages prior to repairing them.
  • Only you, the owner, can authorize repairs on your vehicle. Repair estimates will vary. A lower estimate may not include all damages occurred from the accident. Supplements are a possibility during the repairs. There may be hidden damages that cannot be seen until the car is taken apart or as the repairs progress. Price changes on the parts may also occur due to the manufacturers changes. We work for you and repair your car to your approval.
  • The vehicle is being repaired for YOU, the owner, and not the insurance company. You will be required to pay for the repairs upon completion. To avoid delays, it will be up to you to secure payment from your insurance company along with any necessary endorsements from lien holders.

Our collision center in Doylestown, PA (Bucks County) stands ready to assist you in any of these matters. We will work closely with you to minimize your inconvenience and maximize your satisfaction.

You're Covered

We work with all insurance companies

Reliably Fast Repairs

Fast repairs to ensure our customers get back on the road as soon as possible

We're Here For You

We keep our customers updated with progress and any developments around their vehicle repair

Whether the damages are big or small, you may decide to pay for them yourself. We like to discuss the repair options available to you before scheduling an appointment.

Advanced Automotive Equipment

Below is a list of some of the automotive equipment located at our facility:

  • Downdraft spray booth
  • Axalta premier paint system
  • 21’ frame rack capable of handling small vehicles to large SUV’s
  • Automobile diagnostic scanner to scan the vehicles’ computer for fault codes
  • State of the art compression spot welder to duplicate factory welds
  • Aluminum welder with the capability of braze welding
  • Mig welder
  • Aluminum self-piercing rivet gun
  • Air conditioning recycling and recharging machine
  • Tire machine capable of handling most aluminum rims
  • Air bag and restraint system diagnostic and replacement
  • And much more

We are an I-Car Gold certified collision repair facility. Our technicians receive training each year in areas of the collision repair industry.

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